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Hope For Haiti Now: A Global Benefit For Earthquake Relief

The celeb-artists are answering the phones at the Hope For Haiti Now: A Global Benefit For Earthquake Relief telethon airing live on all television channels and waiting for our pledged to support the Haiti relief fund.


To donate whatever you can afford, call 1.877.99.HAITI [1.877.994.2484], text 50555 [$10] and visit &


The phone and text lines are still open and please donate whatever you can. Wyclef Jean, Sting and Madonna perform at the Hope For Haiti Now: A Global Benefit For Earthquake Relief at Kaufman Studios in Astoria [Queens borough] of New York City.

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Exhibit A – Deck The Halls: Charitable Silent Art

The Exhibit A Gallery curators Tony Alva and Richard Villa III are putting on an Los Angeles charity event – Deck The Halls: Charitable Silent Art Auction and Alva Los Angeles 4 Year Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, December 5 @ 7:00pm through 12-Midnight. The Deck The Halls: Charitable Silent Art Auction will include works by artists and pro-skaters alike – Christian Hosoi, Steve Olson, Mimi Knoop, Axis, Wynn Miller, Chloe Trujillo, Dennis McNett, Farel Dalrymple, Clint Peterson, Mark [Gonz] Gonzales, Greg Gossel, Jason Adams, Jeff Ho and Lauren Bergman.

The Exhibit A Gallery is located at 1086 South Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, California [90019] and poke ’em @ 323.932.9025 and

Exhibit A Gallery

Other auctioning items from Metallica, Henry Rollins, Andaz West Hollywood, [9] prints of art by kids from the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and more. There’ll be over $50,000 worth of art available, there’s no minimum bids and highest bid will win. And winners could win art that is worth thousands for just a few dollars. All proceeds will go to the Children’s Hospital.

Spinners DJ Tony Alva and DJ AL G will provide the music and live acoustic performance @ 7:00pm through 7:45pm. So come and enjoy a holiday feast with all the trimmings and open bar and food.

You can RSVP @ to enter. And Fuel TV will be filming the event and gifts will be through out the night, but guest should arrive early.

Tis’ the season of giving, so Exhibit A Gallery request everyone bring an unwrapped toy for a child at the Children’s Hospital, bring an ornament and help decorate the Alva Christmas Tree.

The Deck The Halls: Charitable Silent Art Auction and Alva Los Angeles 4 Year Anniversary Celebration sponsors include Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Vans, Jarritos, Fuel [Televison] TV, Tech Decks, Jons, Juice Magazine, LIp Service, Andaz, Alva and Exhibit A Gallery.

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Masjid Al-Farooq Relocation Fund – New Mosque

I received an email from an American-Islamic friend, asking me to help spread the word about their plight to raise funds and relocate their Mosque [Masjid Al-Farooq] in Chicago, Illionis due to “increasing deadly violence in the neighborhood” and after inquiring detail about the organization and their charity cause; I found their claims to be legit. So I’m sharing their plight and donation request – to keep American-Islamic children safe in a new Mosque – with you all.

As Salaam Alaikum, ****

I sincerely apologize for emailing you a chain message, I honestly got cut-up in Masjid Al Farooq’s message. As you may know me, I am very passionate with issues as it relates to the betterment of Islam and its growth.

I trust that by the invocation of Allah’s name any personal difficulties will be alleviated in due time. Thus you may currently be experiencing some sort of hardship at this very moment; I pray that Allah help you resolve any issues you may currently have, provide for you what is good for you in this life and the hereafter, and may He not leave you to yourself even for a blink of an eye. (Amen)

“All Mosques (Masjid) belongs to Allah, so call not anyone besides Allah” (72:19) This verse in the Holy Quran clearly states that Mosques (Masjid) are property of Allah and Allah Alone, and it is to serve as a place of worshiping Allah. Therefore, no one has the authority to prevent anybody from entering the Mosques for the purpose which it is was intended to meet. “To Worship Allah.” The Messenger of Allah – (pbuh) said, “Whoever builds a Masjid, seeking the pleasure of Allah, Allah shall build a house for him in Paradise.” (Bukhari)

Once again, I do apologize for any inconvenience my earlier email may have caused you. However; there is still this urgent need to relocate Masjid Alfarooq, if you’ve seen the video on our website [] you will surely appreciate the gravity of the situation. Remember: “whatever you spend in the way of Allah, he will surely replace it” (multiple). Needless to say, the brothers and sisters of Masjid Al Farooq sincerely need your help.

Your donation of $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 or more, is solely for the purpose of brothers, and sisters in Islam to have a peaceful and safe place of worship in the South East side of Chicago community. Please help donate generously from which Allah has provided you and he is sure to replace it bountiful.

May Allah reward you for taking the time to read this and for your future help.
Please visit [], watch the videos, donate, and please help spread the message.

Was Salaam
H**** B*****

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