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Reserve Result’s Chris Safos @ New Series

The über-blogger of Reserve Result (RR) – Producer Chris Safos – is currently shooting a new television series in Northern China and it’ll blow the minds of tube-watchers when the program airs in 2010. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks, photos and clips from the series.

Reserve Result (RR)

Chris Safos [Facebook]: “Back in Beijing, after being in the mountians of northern china, but FB is still blocked in this country. So all I can do is this on my phone, but look forward to some crazy pix and watch my series. When I get back, still in deliberation with Discovery and History, and hope I get something that I can sell to E! Channel… I am getting home sick, or it may just be the food from Shan Xi. LOL!”

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Reserve Result (RR) Humps Flickr

I’ve posted additional exclusive and copyright photos on Flickr that you might enjoy, so click on the snapshot below to oogle the pix. The photos were shot with Fuji Instax 200 Film Camera, Polaroid 210 Land Camera and Polaroid 600.

Reserve Result (RR)

**** ****** is the writer/director of Borland and Kissed By Season, and currently working on his new feature film – theory.

Reserve Result (RR) @ Flickr

I’ve posted some exclusive and copyright photos on Flickr that you might enjoy, so click on the snapshot below to oogle the pix. The photos were shot with Fuji Instax 200 Film Camera, Polaroid 210 Land Camera and Polaroid 600.

Reserve Result (RR)

Quam Odunsi is the writer/director of Borland and Kissed By Season, and currently working on his new feature film – theory.

Dow Down & Obama Up

The Republicans made two fatal mistakes this election. The first was their presidential nominee. The second was their vice presidential nominee. If Mitt Romney had won the nomination, the race would be much closer now. He ran a corporation, his specialty is economics, and he could lord that over the Democratic ticket, despite the fact that corporate CEOs aren’t too popular these days and he was named after a baseball glove.

Angel Boligan / El Universal / Mexico City, Mexico

McCain is a self-described illiterate as far as the economy is concerned. Since he had warned the executive branch about the housing crisis in a strongly-worded letter, it behooved him to pick a running mate that knew something about the economy. He should have chose Romney as his running mate, or even Carly Fiorina, who ran Hewlett Packard.

Mike Luckovich / The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Plain and simple, McCain had a chance to compensate for his short-comings, but instead lunged for votes. Compare this with Obama, who picked Biden to compensate for his foreign policy short-comings, despite all evidence that picking Hillary Clinton would net him more votes. He was mocked by Rudy Giuliani for not picking Hillary for that reason, but the fact is we need a president who will do what is best, not what will get more votes. And in the process, he’ll get both.

Jason Stürmer is a contributor for (RR) and the writer of Mailroom.

Put Palin on the Supreme Court

Dahlia Lithwick, a senior editor at Slate, wrote a very convincing article about how Sarah Palin perhaps was miscast by McCain.

The Real News

Jason Stürmer is an (RR) contributing writer.

Obama, Palin on Wall Street

On bad news on Wall Street from Lehman Brothers, Merryll Lynch, AIG, and now Hewlett Packard has caused a 500 point drop in the Dow — the largest drop since 9/11. If you want insight into how knowledgeable the two great crowd-pleasers of the campaign are on the crisis, compare a speech Barack Obama made in March…

With a speech Sarah Palin made today:

One talks at length about details, one sounds like she’s talking to five-year-olds. And if you want to hear what John McCain said, he just repeated his favorite slogan, “The fundamentals of our economy are strong.”

Jason Stürmer is a contributing writer for (RR)

Good News and Bad News, McCain

The bad news is that Karl Rove, aka “That ad is so sleazy it’s Rovian” Rove, mentioned Sunday that McCain went “one step too far” in his ads attacking Obama.

The good news is that all is forgiven, Mr. McCain. Just check out this SNL sketch I found on YouTube: “Shall I Luffa Your Back?”

ABC’s Sarah Palin Interview – Part 1

As many of you know, Sarah Palin has been off-limits to reporters since the announcement of her VP pick by McCain. Tonight is part 1 of her first sit down interview, and it’s on ABC tonight at 11:30. You may also read the transcript and some video snippets online right now on the ABC News website. Trust me, it is very revealing of who could be our next vice president and, potentially, our president. Charles Gibson asks some hard-hitting questions.


Also, there’s a fresh snippet of the interview on YouTube, which could serve to distance her from Bush, but not in a good way…

Update: Sarah Palin, in her send-off speech today to her son and his Iraq-bound brigade, linked 9/11 to Iraq, a view since discarded by Bush and the rest of the informed world.

Jason Stürmer is a staff writer.

The Seventh Anniversary of 9/11

Senators Obama and McCain were in New York City today to participate in a forum on national service and to show their respect at ground zero. As he was in the area, Obama went on Letterman and had a great interview. Obama mentioned how great Letterman’s speech was on his first show after the attacks. And I just so happened to find that video on MyspaceTV:

So here’s to all the heroes on that day, and all the days afterwards, and all the days before.

Jason Stürmer is a Staff Writer at (RR) and lives in California.

Missing All the Fireworks

You’re Missing All the Fireworks

If you’re not watching the political convention coverage, you are missing the most interesting thing on television right now. The DNC was spectacular for its historic and well-choreographed nature, while the RNC is turning out to be just as spectacular—the way a fireworks truck plummeting off a cliff is spectacular. There is one long shot for the Republican ticket this time around: Sarah Palin’s speech. If it’s a speech that can rival one of Obama’s, that will surely help. With only two months left until November 4th, we need to get to know the Republican VP nominee and we need to get to know her fast.

Mary Altaffer / Associated Press

In other news, Barack Obama may upstage McCain on day of his nomination. Earlier in the day on Thursday Bill O’Reilly will interview Obama. This kind of ‘eclipse’ move on McCain’s day in the sun may cross the line as far as political etiquette, but knowing that the staunchly conservative Fox News is also willing to upstage the Republican nominee by giving his opponent face time is certainly revealing. McCain did campaign during the DNC, but on Obama’s day the only thing he put out was an ad congratulating Obama. Whether you think it crass or just good strategy, you can’t miss the interview equivalent of fire meeting ice.

For full coverage, any cable news outfit will do.

Jason Stürmer is a Staff Writer, and currently resides in California.