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Dash Snow Memorial @ East River Amphitheater

There’ll be another Dash Snow [Sace / Sacer Irak] memorial service on Thursday, October 1 [3:30pm – 7:00pm] at East River Amphitheater on the East River, and his fans are welcome and invited to attend. This’ll be the second public service held for the Polaroid shooter and graffiti writer turned installation & collage artist.

Clout Graffiti Magazine

The East River Amphitheater is 3 blocks South of Houston, 2 blocks South of Williamsburg Bridge and Walking bridge at Cherry St. You can oogle Snow’s legacy artwork @,,,, and

Dash Snow’s Memorial Service @ Deitch

A Community Memorial service celebrating artist Dash Snow [Sace / Sacer Irak] opens today at Deitch. The memorial service draws together samples of Snow’s provocative pieces from his friends collections. These pieces consist of Dash’s art, photographs and video honoring Snow, and unseen Polaroid collection by Dash. The Memorial exhibition will also include an open wall to honor him with notes and paintings.


The Dash Snow’s A Community Memorial runs through Saturday, August 15, 2009. For more detail, visit

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