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Levi Johnston Discusses Sarah Palin @ Today

Levi Johnston held a press conference with Associated Press to discuss his take and point-of-view on why Sarah Palin is giving up her post as the governor of Alaska. Today‘s Ann Curry interviews Levi Johnston to get his rare-view glimpse into Sarah Palin’s resignation. You can watch the 8 minutes clip and read excerpts below –

On Palin’s decision to resign: [Sarah Palin] was talkin’ about how [being governor] is a very stressful job. After the campaign and things, we had tons of offers, from everybody out there; just all kinds of ridiculous things. There had been talk about, ‘It’d be nice to just take the money and run.’

On ex-Alaska Governor Palin’s supposedly $7 million Harper’s Collins book deal: I’ve heard anything from $7 million to $9 million. It’s up there.

On Palin’s transformation since loosing the vice-presidency election: [She wasn’t] as outgoing. I didn’t see the spark in her eyes about being governor… The fame got to her head. Just being up there and running for vice president, it’s totally different than governor. There’s cameras every day, she had secrets service… You name it. Seeing how she acted when it was all gone, I think it definitely got to her head.

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Levi Johnston Humps GQ

The Republican and GOP convention’s once photo-op fixture Levi Jonhston continues his media tour of striking out on his own and away from his baby’s mother – Bristol Palin – and former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s clan. The 19-year-old father Levi graces the pages of GQ as a model and discusses the difficulties of raising his son – Tripp – with no money and no job on the horizon.

The Levi Johnston GQ magazine issue with Christian Bale on the cover and in the pages is on newsstands now and available for subscription as well.

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Ture Lillegraven

Update: The Daily News reveal the sneak peek of Playgirl‘s black-&-white artistic pictorial of aspiring model and actor Levi Johnston controversial revealing photos for the adult magazine. Levi Johnston’s manager Tank Jones tells Us magazine that “People are going to see more of Levi than they thought.” And that “He’s ready to shock the world. The hell with 15 minutes.”

It seems the faux-nekkid spread might be in the vain of Farrah Fawcett’s 1997 artistic Playboy photos and less raunchy, which is a smart move on Johnston’s part and his creative team. I personally have no interest in seeing his photos, but he definitely knows how to market himself. We updated Levi Johnston blog-snippet because (RR) readers demand it.

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John McCain @ Jay Leno’s Tonight Show

Defeated Republican presidential candidate John McCain makes his first appearance post-election on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He doesn’t blame his vice-president nominee Sarah Palin for the election loss and jokes about sleeping like a baby.

Mary Altaffer / Associated Press

On losing the election to Barack Obama: I’ve been sleeping like a baby. Sleep two hours, wake up and cry. Sleep two hours, wake up and cry.

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Tina Fey @ Conan O’Brien Show

Tina Fey promotes her hit show – 30 Rock – premiere on the Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and discusses Sarah Palin’s offer to have her 17-year-old daughter – Bristol Palin – babysit Fey’s 3-year-old daughter – Alice – on Saturday Night Live! set.

On Sarah Palin offering Bristol babysitting service: Oh yeah, that’s exactly what 17-year-old Bristol Palin wants to do at SNL – babysit the toddler of the lady that goofs on her mom. Thanks, Mom.

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Elitist: 1 / Hockey Mom: 0

Anyone who remembers John Edwards’s $400 dollar haircut in 2004 would of course laugh at Palin’s recent comment that the watchdog group CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) is sexist for filing a complaint with the FEC. What is the FEC? The Federal Election Commission.

Steve Breen / The San Diego Union-Tribune

What was the complaint? That the Republicans spent $150,000 campaign dollars on clothing for Governor Palin and her family, violating campaign finance law. Why is she thinking the accusation is sexist? Because a male candidate would not have to face the same scrutiny over wardrobe and hairstyles that a woman has to. Ahem! Edwards. She goes on to say:

“Oh, if only people knew how frugal we are. It’s kind of painful to be criticised for something when all the facts are not out there and are not reported.”

It’s true that the media tends to harp on the negative and not the positive, like let’s say… a politician being frugal. Well, in an attempt to be unbiased, here’s a photo DailyKos picked up:

Callie Shell

Obama says he already resoled his shoes once since the start of the campaign, and they already have holes again. You’re welcome, Sarah Palin. And remember, if the media is biased against you, and the media reports on what’s happening in the world, then maybe what’s happening in the world is biased against you.

Jason Stürmer is a contributor for (RR).

Sarah Palin Lampoons Herself @ SNL

The Republican vice-president nominee Sarah Palin one-up Tina Fey by lampooning herself on Saturday Night Live (SNL) to big viewing numbers. The SNL appearance hits a rating high of 14 million viewers, the best since 1994.

Congratulation to Mrs. Palin on her sketch comedy appearance, and now she can communicate her plans to reconcile our nation’s economic issues, hopefully with the same enthusiasm and degree of success.

Alec Baldwin and Mark Wahlberg made guest appearances on the program as well, and Wahlberg was there to confront Andy Samberg on his parody of Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals on prior week’s sketch.

Mark Wahlberg’s new flick – Max Payne was number one over the weekend, with $18 millions at the box office.

Palin In News-less Cocoon

According to the Washington Post today,
To Avoid Being ‘Depressed,’ Palin Skimps on Campaign News.” In the article she lets it be known that sometimes, even when she wants to turn on the news, her campaign staffers actually tell her no. First of all, this is the news that’s depressing her:

Second of all, didn’t she say in that Katie Couric interview that she reads any and every newspaper and magazine?

She likes the printed word, but when the news is spoken and the images are moving, that’s when it depresses her?

Third of all, what exactly is the hierarchy of command in the McCain campaign? Sarah Palin could become the leader of the free world, but right now she’s taking orders from campaign staffers? She’s being sheltered from us, but isn’t it the job of the president to shelter… us? To protect and lead us during one of the four or five most trying times in our country’s history? Right now she’s not so much reminding me of Annie Oakley as Marie Antoinette.

Actually, I have to modify that statement. Marie Antoinette wasn’t actually as out of touch and oblivious and she was made out to be. And she certainly wasn’t as divisive as Palin. This is what Palin said at a North Carolina fundraiser last night:

“We believe that the best of America is in the small towns that we get to visit, and in the wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America, being here with all of you hard-working, very patriotic, very pro-America areas of this great nation.”

The Democrats pouncing all over this. Right now, Obama is winning in the state she was speaking at, by the way.

Jason Stürmer is a contributor @ (RR).

Queen Latifah’s Gwen Ifill Moderates Tina Fey

Saturday Night Live pulled no punches during their funny send-up of Vice-Presidential debate between Tina Fey as Governor Sarah Palin, Jason Sudeikis as Senator Joe Biden and Academy award nominee Queen Latifah as debate moderator and PBS journalist Gwen Ifill.

Queen Latifah’s parody Gwen Ifill says “Due to the historically low expectations for Gov. Palin, were she simply to do an adequate job tonight, at no point cry, faint, run out of the building or vomit, you should consider the debate a tie”.

World Humps Sarah Palin

There’s a new grassroots movement rippling across this great land. Are you on board?

You can check out more hilarious vingnettes like this on Kontraband.

Review II: Biden vs. Palin Debate

Debate II: A Review

The trainwreck you and I expected and so richly deserved on Thursday night did not come to pass as the debate was a surprisingly gaffe-free zone. Most on-lookers thought Joe Biden won, but Palin certainly did better than expected when she formed complete sentences that managed to convey meaning. Perhaps the Couric interviews were her way of lowering expectations for the debate. There was one moment in the debate that caught my eye, however…

Jason Stürmer is a contributing writer for (RR) and a great guy.