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Judith Supine’s Ladyboy ~ New Image Art

A must-see solo exhibition of Judith Supine ~ Ladyboy ~ collagist of the psychedelic and surreal ~ will be held at New Image Art Gallery with an opening reception on Wednesday, April 13 @ 7:00pm to 10:00pm.

It’ll remain on view til Friday, May 13 at New Image Art Gallery ~ 7908 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood [California ~ 90046] @ 323.654.2192 ~

Sonja Teri & New Image Art

The exhibition features the artist’s newest and most ambitious work to date, showcasing more than twenty canvases and large-scale woodcut sculptures up to fourteen feet high. Supine has transformed the entire gallery into a personal installation space, covering every inch of floor, wall and ceiling with silk-screened wallpaper, his signature fluorescent colors and dreamlike narratives.

Ladyboy references the genderqueer. Supine describes the title’s significance as the marriage of opposites in one person — comparable to the technique of collage, combining seemingly disparate images to reveal something that wasn’t previously apparent. An intimate encounter by the artist with a ladyboy in Bangkok served as the stimulus for this exhibition ~ Sonja Teri

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