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Reserve Result (RR) @ OneRepublic

On Monday, December 1st OneRepublic lit up the stage, continuing their 2008 North American tour in Akron, Ohio. The group preformed at E.J. Thomas hall of Akron University. This hall is a 3 level auditorium, along with a seating capacity of 2,955. One of the most fascinating features of the building is it’s 44-ton movable ceiling, which can close off either the Flying Balcony or both the Flying Balcony and Grand Tier creating a one, two or three level auditorium. Spectators of this tour were also lucky enough to see the likes of The Spill Canvas, The Hush Sound, and Augustana preform.

Brooke Kelly

What sets aside OneRepublic from most any other rock group or artist is their distinctive use of hip-hop and RnB drum beats and patterns, which is almost unheard of the rock genre.

Kyle Tonkovich

The lead singer, Ryan Tedder, has said the group gains a lot of their influences from the group Coldplay, further explaining, “Their influences are our influecnes. The group, OneRepublic, working on a new album for the Summer of 2009, which they tested one of the first songs of then album All The Right Moves.


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