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Lindsay Lohan. The Canyons. Trailer. Nolan Gerard Funk. James Deen.

James Deen’s Christian is a young Los Angeles trust-fund dude who’s financing a horror film simply to keep his dad off his back about doing something with his life. He has been dating Lindsay Lohan’s Tara for about a year — she was an aspiring actress-slash-model who settled down with him when the reality of the business became apparent to her. She’s now just Christian’s bored plaything. Christian’s assistant Gina [Amanda Brooks] is casting the film with assistance from Tara.

Gina is pushing Nolan Gerard Funk’s Ryan — her boyfriend and struggling actor — for the lead. Unbeknownst to either Christian or Gina, Ryan and Tara were a couple three years ago. When Ryan came back into Tara’s life during the auditions for the movie, they reignited their affair. But Christian — a dangerous control-freak — finds out about the affair and starts playing cruel mind games with both Tara and Ryan, which escalate into an act of bloody violence.

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