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Lion. Trailer. Rooney Mara. Nicole Kidman. Dev Patel.

Five year old Saroo gets lost on a train which takes him thousands of Kilometers across India, away from home and family. Saroo must learn to survive alone in Kolkata, before ultimately being adopted by an Australian couple. Twenty five years later, armed with only a handful of memories, his unwavering determination, and a revolutionary technology known as Google Earth, he sets out to find his lost family and finally return to his first home.

Life. Trailer. Dane DeHaan. Robert Pattinson.

LIFE captures the nuances and complexities of the relationship between photographer and subject in a way rarely seen or understood by someone outside the business. In a nod to Corbijn’s own past experience, the film is told from the perspective of the Life photographer Dennis Stock [Pattinson] who meets and profiles Dean [DeHaan] for the magazine, turning out some of Dean’s most iconic photographs.

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