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F is for Family. Trailer. Bill Burr.

F is for Family is the show I’ve always wanted to do. It captures all the characters of my childhood the way I remember it to be. Fortunately Mike Price and everyone at Wild West seem to know the same people I knew growing up. It’s going to be a lot of fun to tell these stories.

True Detective. Vince Vaughn. Colin Farrell. Rachel McAdams. Christopher James Baker. Nic Pizzolatto. Season 02 Episode 07. Black Maps and Motel Rooms.

“Remember how I found you, pushing baby aspirin to club kids. Johnny Make wanted to cap you in the alley, I said ‘Nah’, there’s potential here. Now you just shit my carpet.” – Frank Semyon
True Detective – S02 E07: Black Maps and Motel Rooms