Happy New Year – Polaroid. Fujiroid. Film. Analog.

Hello –

Happy New Year. Goodbye 2011 and welcome 2012. Hope this new year brings you nothing but the best and align your intention with fulfilling result. I’m incorporating new pages to Reserve Result, which’ll have exclusive Polaroids, Fujiroids, 35mm film, moving Images and other instant films*** Stills @ The Photos *** and *** Motion @ The Videos ***. And Contributing Writer Daniel Rolnik will become a Reserve Result-er and bring his unique perspective on art, film, music, street culture, entertainment, fashion, et cetera.

You can view the exclusive Polaroids and Moving Images at *** Stills @ The Photos *** and *** Motion @ The Videos *** and oogle:

Ke$ha [Kesha Rose Sebert]

Anh Do [x] Jasmine Romero [x] Steven Andrew Garcia
Austin Young
Steve Schapiro
Howard Bingham [x] Michael Mann
Baron Wolman
Anthony Clarkson
Kristin Dickson
Camille Rose Garcia
Amanda Fairey
Cybill Shepherd
Kelly Vivanco
Mary Kay Place
Mel Kadel
Mear One
Raquel Welch
Gregory Siff
Justin Lowe
Twenty [x] Gregory Siff [x] This Means Mar [The Creative Cartel]
Ke$ha [Kesha Rose Sebert]
Wes Lang
Alex Pardee
Ed Templeton
Jerry Hsu
Weirdo Dave: Fuck This Life
Vanessa Prager
Steve Olson
Marsea Goldberg
Stephen Webster’s Matt Stephenson & Ohad Maiman
Russell Brand
Shepard Fairey

Thanks, and *** The Content @ Home *** we’ll continue to have articles and blog-ticles for your enjoyment.

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