Gente-fied. Trailer. America Ferrera. Alicia Sixtos. Art Bonilla. Edsson Morales. Rafael Sigler.

GENTE-FIED is a web series that follows seven characters as they deal with the effects of change in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights. Some are young Latinxs with bi-cultural tastes, hustling to create spaces in their community that celebrate their Chicanx identities. Others are old-school paisanos and business owners trying to make sense of the changes that are threatening their livelihoods with rent hikes, a housing crisis, and a slow stream of outsiders whose fascination with their barrio [neighborhood] has created a fertile ground for gentrification.

Each episode is seen through the point-of-view of a different character and explores the complications that arise around gente seeking to improve and preserve their community; complications that are rewarding in some situations and corrosive in others. Both subversive and hilarious, GENTE-FIED is an explosion of fusion tacos, LGBTQ raza, micheladas, defiant murals, generational clashes and more, as our characters fight to stay rooted in their changing community.

Producer: Aaliyah Williams
Executive Producer: America Ferrera, Charles King, & Marvin Lemus
Co-Producer: Ashim Ahuja
Creator, Writer & Director: Marvin Lemus
Co-Writer: Linda Chavez
Director of Photography: Ana Amortegui
Edited By: Hector Padilla

Main Cast:
Alicia Sixtos as Ana
Art Bonilla as Javier
Edsson Morales as Chris
Rafael Sigler as Pancho
Sal Velez, Jr. as Erik
Victoria Ortiz as Josie
Yareli Arizmendi as Lupe

America Ferrera
Montse Hernandez
Brittany Ashley
Jenny Lorenzo
Rickey Thompson
Soledad St. Hilaire

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