Rune Boutique ~ World Debut Party

RR Sideshow: Contributing Writer – Daniel Rolnik

Wild girls in layers of makeup and elaborate dresses flooded the gallery when the model-turned-Youtube sensation Kyary Pamyu Pamyu began singing her hit song PonPonPon at the launch party for the Rune Boutique pop-up shop at Royal/T. However, tragedy struck when the CD that Pamyu was lip-syncing to began to skip and instead of freaking out she handled it in the cutest way possible – striking a Kawaii pose until everything was fixed.

After she and her backup dancers finished their set, the production crew reset the stage so that the electrifying Japanese fashion line %6DOKIDOKI could begin its runway show, which culminated in a grand finale of this monster coming onstage and dancing with all the models.

The whole night had already felt like an acid trip by this point, so when I spotted Ninja and Yolandi from the band Die Antwoord in the VIP room my brain just near exploded.

If you get a chance to make it out to Culver City to visit the Rune Boutique pop-up shop, you’ll be enamored by 6%DOKIDOKI’s clothes, MEDICOM’s toys, and original art by Rune Naito – one of the originators of the Kawaii movement in Japan.

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