Billy Al Bengston ~ 100% Draculas

RR Sideshow: Contributing Writer – Daniel Rolnik

For its first show ever, Katherine Cone Gallery had a retrospective of Billy Al Bengston’s paintings from 1958 until now. Most of the work was huge and if you studied some of the pieces carefully, you can make out the details of an orchid smack dab in the center of several paintings.

The opening was full of real collectors – something that’s rare at most of contemporary exhibits. And I spotted a collector walking around the gallery with a puppy – which I’ve heard is a good luck sign.

Katherine Cone was the former Director of Subliminal Projects in Echo Park and now has the exciting position of having complete control and access of her own gallery – in the heart of Culver City.

P.S.: Billy Al Bengston is 77-year old and owns a cooler website than most tech-savvy kids that grew up in this internet era.

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